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Feature Presentation ButtonI am willing to present on more than the topics listed here. What is listed is just what I have either already developed and given or are ideas that I am actively working on. If you would like a presentation on a different topic, please contact me. I will only say yes if I think I can speak with enough background knowledge to answer most questions that might be asked during the presentation.

If you would like a sample of some of the pages from a particular presentation for evaluation, please contact me.

Topic & Length Title & # Times Presented Synopsis
Archives, Finding
50 minutes
Finding Manuscript Archives
1 time
I review why archives are important, the thought process one should use when searching, and a couple of useful online tools for finding archives (ArchiveGrid, NUCMC, WorldCat). I also touch on some useful print resources.
Biographical Details
50 minutes
Going Beyond the Begats – Adding Biographical Detail to Your Genealogies
4 times
Too many genealogists collect names, dates, census and vital records and then stop. This presentation will explore some of the many other resources that should be consulted to turn your genealogy into a family history by adding interesting details.
Digital Books50 minutes Free Digital Books: More than Just Google1 time An overview of some of the websites which have large collections of free digitized genealogy texts and how to use them. Also includes a few sites which index other sites.
Digital Newspapers
50 minutes
(or workshop)
Finding Online Newspapers
2 times
An overview of how to locate what newspapers existed, some of the websites used to find them, and some of the major providers of large numbers of newspapers.
Documenting Your Family History
45 minutes
Quick-Start: Documenting Your Family History
1 time
This talk gives you a framework and tips for getting going on documenting your family history in several media (written, verbal, online, and more).
Interlibrary Loan
45 minutes
Interlibrary Loan: An Introduction
1 time
What is interlibrary loan and how to use it.
Mapping It
50 minutes
Mapping Your Genealogy
In Development
The focus is on how to use maps to illustrate your genealogy and even discover new facts and insights. A few typical computer applications and websites that can be used to help build your own maps will be covered as well.
45 Minutes
PERSI: An Overview of a Neglected Resource
In Development
What is PERSI? Why it is still relevant today. How to access it and use it effectively.
Property Research
50 minutes
1 time (old, needs complete redo) Describes both property description systems and highlights some of the information found in deeds.
Research Process
0 minutes
The Genealogy Research Process
Briefly reviews several different models used to help genealogists think about genealogy research, then focuses in on the presenter’s own process.
45 minutes
A Genealogist’s Introduction to WorldCat
5 times
This presentation describes what WorldCat is, the three ways to access it, and some of the ways to find information. (Hint: WorldCat is the world’s largest online library catalog.)

page last updated: 17 Feb 2013

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