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In general, only the names of living individuals, or individuals presumed living, should be posted. Information for persons known or presumed deceased may be posted at the contributor’s discretion so long as the Copyright Policy is followed.

It is this website’s policy that in the United States one can presume that a person is living if they might be expected to appear in the 1930 census (which is publicly available) and would be less than 100 years of age at the time of the posting. This presumption can only be superseded by positive evidence of a person’s death (obituary, death certificate, etc.). Note that existence of a gravestone is not evidence of death unless a date of death has been inscribed since some families purchase gravestones at the death of one partner and have them pre-inscribed with the name and birth year of the other partner in order to save time and expense when the second partner dies.


Copyright is retained by Sarah A. V. Kirby unless specifically modified on the page/post in question.

That said – facts are not copyrightable. Therefore, you are free to take names, dates, relationships, and other facts, and use them on your website, or in your research.

You are not free to use any photographic images found on this site without written permission.


page last updated: 26 Apr 2012

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