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Van Deventer

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My Van Deventers came to Breuklyn, New Netherlands in 1662 on the ship “Hoop” (Hope). Jan Pietersz van Deventer (1627-ca.1692), the immigrant, is probably the ancestor of over 98% of the Van Deventers in the U.S. today. Supposedly, he is also the father (or brother) of the Van Deventers who settled South Africa, but I have yet to uncover authoritative evidence of this.

Family Genealogy Book – showing the ancestors of Ralph Edward Van Deventer (1908-1990) and the descendants of Jan Pietersz van Deventer to the extent of my database.

Family photos. The photos shown below were inherited by me. Some of the photos were identifed on their backs by Dorothy May (Stoddard) Van Deventer.

These are only a small sample of the photos in my collection. Kinfolk who are directly descended from one of the individuals shown may contact me to see if I have more images of their relations. (Please state from whom you are descended.)


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  1. vanmaster

    This part of the website is open to comment to all registered users (and anyone can register.

  2. Lynn P. Vandevander

    My name is Lynn P. Vandevander. I have heard for years and have read about a man named Peter Vandevander who in 1745, traveled into Bedford county, Pa. and lived along the Juniata river. The place is now near Mount Union, Pa. (now in Huntingdon county). He is mentioned in a book “History of Bedford County” author’s last name is Africa.The book can be found in the Altoona Public Library, Altoona, Pa. It tells how he moved into the area with a nigro slave and an Irishman working for his passage. It also mentions about him having a Dutch accent, he made whiske, and helped a group of soldiers from Standing Stone Fort, when they were hunting for a group of Indians who were raiding near by settlers. My father’s name was Paul B. Vandevander. He had 4 brothers and 5 sisters. They all grew up in Bellwood, Pa.(Blair Co.). I understand that Peter Vandevander, moved into Pa. from Virginia, now part of West Virginia. This area of Pa. was in the wilderness reaches of Penna. in 1745. I hope this helps you, and yes, you and I most likely are related.

  3. Lynne Sharrar Penn

    I believe that I am related to Solomon Sharrar and William H. Sharrar. Can you let me know if I’m onto the correct family? I think that Solomon Sharrar and Louisa (Elizabeth) Litts are my great, great , great grandparents, William H. Sharrar, my great, great grandfather. William H. and his wife, Zilphia (?) had three children, Elizabeth, Solomon and Frank. I think that Frank is my great grandfather. Frank was married to Hattie (Harriet, Carrie?) and had two sons (Wm) Lynford and Harry. I also think they had a daughter. They moved from Michigan to San Bernardino, California. I think that (Wm) Lynford is my long lost grandfather. My father was William Lynford Sharrar, Jr. Can you let me know if you think I have the correct family? Thanks

  4. Michael VanDeventer

    My name is Michael Edward VanDeventer, and I was born and raised in Tulsa,OK, grandfather was AC VanDeventer

  5. Jackie Alnor

    Hi – How are you related to my old Uncle Ralph? My grandma, Blanche Vandeventer Miller, was his sister. So we’re obviously related – if you are related to him. Are you one of my Oklahoma cousins via Aunt Etta?

  6. Cecilia

    Hi – Gerrit Jansz van Deventer is my 7th great grandfather c 1663 from Deventer, Gelderland, The Netherlands. He died 19 April 1728, Zoutendal, Stellenbosch, Cape, South Africa.
    I have the metabolic disorder Variegate Porphyria – the South African R59W mutation for this metabolic disorder VP. It could never be established if my 7th great grandfather or his wife, my 7th great grandmother Ariaantje Jacobs 25 December 1670 from Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands, carried the mutation for Variegate Porphyria. I am searching for any van Deventer family members with the VP gene.
    Thank you
    Cecilia Strauss
    Shelly Beach KZN

  7. Betty Vandeventer Morgan


    I am also a descendent of Jan Pietersz Van Deventer than came to America on the ship Hope. Let me know if you get this E-mail. Betty

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