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Leslie Stoddard and Ann VanDeventer Easter 1968

My Stoddards supposedly arrived in Plymouth Colony ca. 1638, but I have not yet verified this. The earliest I have documented my Stoddards is to the mid-1800s in Monroe County, Michigan with one source indicating prior residence in Monroe County, New York (yet to be confirmed).

Family Genealogy Book – showing the ancestors of Dorothy May (Stoddard) Van Deventer () and the descendants of .

Family photos. The photos shown below were inherited by me, or are in the possession of my aunt. Some of the photos were identifed on their backs by Dorothy May (Stoddard) Van Deventer.

These are only a small sample of the photos in my collection. Kinfolk who are directly descended from one of the individuals shown may contact me to see if I have more images of their relations. (Please state from whom you are descended.)


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