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My Family

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On these pages I will post selected information about my own ancestors. I will also post some record extracts and indices for places where I have done extensive research (e.g., all the Stoddard probates found in a particular county over a designated time period).


If you go to “Tree” you will be taken to an interactive TNG Genealogy tree of all my relations.

In addition, if you select this link, you will download a PDF file version of the original GEDCOM used to start my TNG tree.

This link is to a page of van Deventer contributors and links to other van Deventer-related websites.


My families

Van Deventer – my maternal grandfather’s ancestors and relations

The Van Deventers have  been in America since their arrival in Breuklyn, New Netherlands in 1663. My line moved to New Jersey, then western New York, and finally Michigan.

Associated surnames: Sharrar

Stoddard – my maternal grandmother’s ancestors and relations

These Stoddards supposedly arrived in Plymouth colony ca. 1627.  My documentation currently goes back to the early 1800s western New York. They were in southeastern Michigan by the mid-1830s.

Associated surnames: Rushmer, Benns, Case

Kirby – my paternal grandfather’s ancestors and relations

The Kirbys arrived in Rochester, NY shortly after the Civil War and stayed there. My great-grandfather married a Hall, who descended from Great Migration Massachusetts Bay immigrants.

Associated surnames: Hall, Todd, Dewey, Appleton

Soucie – my paternal grandmother’s ancestors and relations

The Soucies arrived in New France during the last quarter of the 17th century. After the French & Indian War, they were removed from the coastal maritime area to Madawaska, Maine. In the mid-1800s they moved briefly to Quebec, before their final move to Charlotte, NY (now a part of Rochester).

Associated surnames: Hutchinson, LaShomb, Richard, Rivest


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My Kirbys came to America shortly after the Civil War and settled in Rochester, NY. They subsequently married into the Halls, who are a Massachusetts Bay Colony family and related to the Appletons, Deweys, and Todds. Family Genealogy Book – showing the ancestors of Burton Francis Kirby (1911-2001). Family photos. The photos shown below were …

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My Soucies came to America in the 1600s. By the 1850s they were in Madawaska, Maine (near Van Buren). They moved for a short time to Quebec City, Quebec and then to Charlotte, New York (Charlotte was annexed by Rochester in the 1920s). Family Genealogy Book – showing the ancestors of Fern Esther (Soucie) Kirby)() and …

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  My Stoddards supposedly arrived in Plymouth Colony ca. 1638, but I have not yet verified this. The earliest I have documented my Stoddards is to the mid-1800s in Monroe County, Michigan with one source indicating prior residence in Monroe County, New York (yet to be confirmed). Family Genealogy Book – showing the ancestors of …

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Van Deventer

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My Van Deventers came to Breuklyn, New Netherlands in 1662 on the ship “Hoop” (Hope). Jan Pietersz van Deventer (1627-ca.1692), the immigrant, is probably the ancestor of over 98% of the Van Deventers in the U.S. today. Supposedly, he is also the father (or brother) of the Van Deventers who settled South Africa, but I …

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