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Major Revisions
Apr 2012 — Rehosted to Simply Redesigned using WordPress. TNG Genealogy Software added
Oct 2009 — Added publication review blog
Sep 2009 — Added Soucie family data
Apr 2008 — Added subpages. Rearranged to group professional services together and split “about this site” and “about me” into two pages
Oct 2006 — Rearranged site to into two – traditional and ‘wiki’ pages (latter abandoned). WYSIWG Sitebuilder software used for redesign.
Apr 2006 — Site rehosted from Burlee to Siteground
Jun 2001 — 2d edition of The VanDeventer Family entered into database and uploaded to web
Oct 2000 — replaces as home for this website. Hosting provided by Burlee
Sep 2000 — 1st edition of The Van Deventer Family entered into database and uploaded
Feb 2000 — All GEDCOM and other files received before this date are incorporated into the database and uploaded
1997 — begins. Intent is to be The VanDeventer Genealogy Data Exchange


page last updated: 16 Apr 2012

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