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About Reviews & Index

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My Reviews
Reviews are of publications related to genealogy. At this time the focus is on items that are books, or at least
started out as books.

Most of the items reviewed by me come from my personal library or from the Lake County (IL) Genealogical
Society collection in Vernon Hills, IL.

If you wish to submit a book for review, or to contribute a review of another book, please contact me at

My Evaluations

  • Buy It – every serious genealogist should have this on their bookshelf in print format
  • Consider Buying It – Those interested in this topic should consider buying it for their collection (or adding it
    electronically if that is available)
  • Check it Out – Well worth borrowing from your local library.
  • Use with Caution – This work contains valuable information, but it should be used with the cautions noted in
    the review
  • Not worth the Effort – Use only as a last resort and with extreme caution


Index to Reviews in Other Publications

I have access to many genealogical publications. Periodically, I plan to go through and index a year or more of each of these back to at least 1990. Since most publications continue to be useful many years after they are published, such an index may help you find a relevant resource for your personal research or local library collection.

Abbreviations for Publications

APGQ – Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly

NEHGR – New England Historical & Genealogical Register

NGSQ – National Genealogical Society Quarterly

NYGBR – New York Genealogical and Biographical Record


last updated: 19 Apr 2012

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