Jun 28

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Sample Book Photos

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This is from an early effort. Images will typically be this good or better.

The book citation is Taft, William Howard. 1922. Service with Fighting Men: An Account of the Work of the American Young Men’s Christian Associations in the World War. Volume 1. New York: Associated Press.

Sample book page photo

This is an early sample of the type of image I can produce with my camera and a large (500+ page) book.

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  1. Mary Kay VanDeventer

    I am a descendent of Jan Pietersz

  2. Mary Kay VanDeventer Broughton

    I am a descendent of Jan Pietersz VanDeventer. My dad put together a book on his family in the 1980’s. I transcribed it to a manuscript form. It was a slow process and took many years. I am back to working on it to print it in hardback. This segment of the family came from Tennessee to Texas.
    A friend got me to your site and I feel your research might fill in any gaps I may have. I would like to add more family trees to the book before I print it. Maybe you could offer information as to the best way to undertake this task. My father is still alive but in hospice care. He will soon be 91. The book is not a masterpiece, but it gives historical info to his family.
    I look forward to any help or advice you can give me.
    Thank you.
    Mary Kay VanDeventer Broughton

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