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Data Exchange

The original purpose of this website was to act as a forum for posting data on the descendants of Jan Pietersz van Deventer from whom, to my knowledge, nearly all of the Van Deventers in the United States are descended as well as any other lines of Van Deventers found in North America. It continues to function for this purpose, albeit at a low level of effort.

Known alternate spellings of van Deventer include:

Van Deventer Van Devanter Van Devender Van Devander
Vandeventer Vandevanter Vandevender Vandevander Vanderventer
Van De Venter


Professional Services

I also provide services as a professional genealogist. Please select the “Services” menu option for more details.

Genealogical Publication Review Blog

As part of my services, I occasionally provide reviews of genealogical publications. I also index reviews from several major genealogical periodicals.

Great Lakes Research Blog

I also post occasional items regarding research in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin. These can include short articles, links to interesting resources and other information. Additional pages of information are developed from time-to-time.

page last updated: 12 Jun 2012
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